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Academics at Downtown Doral Charter Elementary

Downtown Doral Charter Elementary's unique  dual language curriculum prepares students to excel in an increasingly complex global society.  This is a true immersion program with a choice of two tracks: Spanish or Portuguese.  Research has proven that early exposure to two world languages results in significant cognitive benefits. In addition, math, science, and social studies are also taught in both English and the foreign language. Upon completion of 5th grade, students will read, write, and speak the language fluently. They will have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the traditions and cultures of Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. Multi-lingual and culturally aware, DDCES students will be opened to a wider world, and to greater success within it. Our school also offers students ample opportunities to learn and explore academic subjects, the arts, athletics, and numerous extracurricular offerings. DDCES's enrichment and after school care program compliment the day program with exciting course offerings such as musical theater, chess, soccer, martial arts, ballet, robotics, and many more.  

Research supports bilingual education

There is ample research to support the successes and educational benefits of bilingual education. Please click the links below to learn more about the benefits of bilingual education.

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