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Student Dress Code

A higher standard of dress encourages great respect of the individual, student, and others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school uniform during normal school days. DDCES reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year.  All students in attendance shall wear the DDCES official school uniform purchased from IBILEY UNIFORMS.  Both tops and bottoms must be embroidered with the DDCES logo. Parents are to ensure that their child is wearing the mandatory school uniform.

Please refer to the Student and Parent Handbook for further information regarding student dress code including hair, jewelry, and shoes.

Students who arrive at school without the proper attire will not be permitted to attend the school that day.  The mandatory uniform policy will be strictly enforced.

Purchasing Uniforms

DDCES uniforms are sold exclusively at Ibiley Uniforms.


10564 SW 8th St. 

Miami, Florida 33174


Click here for Pricing Information.

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